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1HealthPharma is dedicated to providing convenient access to medicines for everyone. We understand the importance of easy availability, especially for those who are far from pharmacies. Our mission is to ensure that people have access to the over-the-counter medicines they need, conveniently distributed to local variety stores.

1Health Pharma is geared to provide access to OTC medicines to the local variety stores, deliver affordable generic alternatives, and ensure safe trusted generic manufacturers that strictly adhere to the pharmacy law in the Philippines. This is a game changer, rather than these variety stores that rely heavily on the peddlers that oftentimes if not always, sell counterfeit medicines from other countries that operate without the FDA License to Operate and necessary government permits. The 1Health will be the catalyst in ensuring all the pharmaceutical products distributed are carefully scrutinized and safe for consumers.


“To be the provider of choice for safe, accessible, reliable, and affordable pharmaceutical products.”


To deliver pocket-friendly quality pharmaceutical products to impoverished areas and contribute to the government's aspirations to help needy Filipinos access effective and reliable medicines.


Ability to deliver effective and quality medicine.

• Provide assurance to customers by ensuring all products carried are free from counterfeit and irregularities brought by illegal activities and traders.

• Scale up the concept of peddling and sari-sari store distribution of medicines by means of creating a system to ensure that the medicines are effective and safe.

• Help small sari-sari store owners to institutionalize their distribution by learning from basic pharmaceutical training and seminars.

Leonila M. Ocampo obtained her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (cum laude) from University of San Carlos (Cebu, Philippines). She ranked 8th overall in the national pharmacist licensure examinations. She has two post-graduate degrees: Master of Science in Pharmacy (Centro Escolar University, Manila) and Master of Arts in Teaching Science (Southwestern University, Cebu).

She became involved in various areas of pharmacy practice as evidenced by her employment history: community pharmacist and area manager of the large chain pharmacy company Rose Pharmacy; consultant of Nikken Sohonsha Japan and United Laboratories; and, faculty member of the University of San Carlos and later Dean of Southwestern University-College of Pharmacy. While in the academe, she was an active member of the Committee on Developing Competency Standards for Pharmacy Education, and Board of Directors of the Association of Health Profession Educators of the Philippines. She co-authored numerous training modules for pharmacists, drugstore owners and pharmacy assistants, including the widely used collegiate textbook Pharmacy Economics, Administration and Accounting and the Pharmacy Benchbook for Community Pharmacy commissioned for the Philippine National Health Insurance Corporation.

She was the Vice-President (for Operations and later for Pharmacy Management Services and Business Development) of Argent Business Consultants and Stores Specialists, where she was tasked to handle the overall operations of Manson Drug, a 60-branch chain pharmacy operation, as well as MedExpress, a 3-in-1 drugstore operation offering professional pharmacy services which was first of its kind in the Philippines. She was involved in the establishment of clinic pharmacies of various corporate and industrial accounts, and outsourced outpatient pharmacies in many large hospitals in the country. At present, she heads the Hygieian Institute for Education, Research and Training, Inc. as its President and Chairman of the Board. Concurrent to these positions, she is the President of the Asia Pacific Institute for Medication Management, Inc. Both are consultancy, training and research organizations. Some of her notable volunteer services and extension works include the following:

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Consultant, Philippine Food and Drug Administration; Member, the Advisory Council for Health Care - Department of Health; Member, the National Antibiotic Guidelines Committee – Department of Health; Member, of Technical Committee for Pharmacy Education - Commission on Higher Education; Member, Pool of Experts for the Ladderized Education Program for Pharmacy - Commission in Higher Education; Member, Continuing Pharmacy Education Council - Professional Regulation Commission; Member, Safe Medicine Network and Samahan Laban sa Pekeng Gamot (“Coalition against Fake Medicines”); Member of the Board of Directors, Medicines Transparency Alliance Philippines; Member, International Services Program Advisory Group of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ISPAG-ACPE); and, Member, Executive Board of FIP-Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum.

She led the technical working group commissioned by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority that produced the national training regulation for pharmacy assistants. At the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA), she served as chair for various committees (Continuing Professional Development, Community Service, Networking and Linkages), as Editor-in-Chief of The Hygeian, as Public Relations Officer, and as its president for two terms (from 2010 – 2014). During her leadership, there was a significant increase in membership (from a little more than 3,800 to more than 15,000). Six (6) more regional/provincial chapters and two (2) affiliate organizations were established during her term.

She spearheaded the preparation of the PPHA operation manual and the automation of membership profiling and databasing. Given her expertise and rich experience in practice, she is a regular resource speaker for the Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the Philippine Pharmacists Association, and the Drugstores Association of the Philippines. In partnership with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, she has initiated the conduct of a clinical pharmacy continuing education course to prepare Filipino pharmacists for board certification. In addition, she led the organization in mobilizing resources for medical and financial assistance to the members affected by typhoon Haiyan and the Bohol earthquake.

She also commissioned a Technical Working Group that developed the Philippine Practice Standards for Pharmacists and leads the team that lobbied for the passage of “ The Pharmacy Act of 2016.” She is recipient of various awards, including the prestigious Bowl of Hygeia Award and the Lourdes Echauz Leadership Award given by the Philippine Pharmacists Association in 2016 and 2015, the Simper Fidelis Scientia Award given by the University of San Carlos in 2013, the Ishidate Award as Outstanding Pharmacist in Community Practice given by the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association in 2008, and the Centennial Award for Professional Excellence and Socio-Civic Programs given by Centro Escolar University in 2008.

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